Yonker IRT2 Infrared Thermometer For Homecare

Short Description:

YK-IRT2 Feature:

1) Temperature of body or surface of object

2) Detailed 34 memories with time/date

3) Response time: 1 second

4) Effective distance : ≤1cm

5) User guidance by infrared beam

6) Fever alarm sounds

7) Selectable ℃/℉ mode

8) Error massage indication

9) Fever teller

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Yonker IRT2 infrared thermometer, suitable for home care and baby use.

When you use it. Simply place the instrument about ten centimeters in front

of your forehead and press the button. The results can be easily measured in

just one second.



The screen will show different measurement results in three colors:

1) Green means normal


2) Yellow means low fever


3) Red means high fever





                              Non-contact with the body when used it, safe and reliable.


                              The effective measurement range is between 5 to 15 cm.




Aim the probe at your forehead and get the results at the push of a button.

Easy to operate, suitable for family use and children use.




                   There are two modes available:


                    1) Surface temperature mode


                    2) Body temperature mode



Multi-functional usage:

YK-IRT2 Infrared Thermometer, can be not only used in body temperature

measurement, also can be used in food, water, room temperature






34 memory data,

More than most infrared thermometers on the market.





                   Infrared sensor:

                    No damage to human body. 

                    Even children can safely use it.


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