wireless Handheld USB WiFi color doppler ultrasound

Short Description:

-0.96-inch OLED screen
-96 elements
-Built-in lithium battery
-Type-C interface and WIFI network interface
-Display mode: B, B/B, B/M, B+Color, B+PDI, B+PW
-Channel of RF circuit board: 32
-Image gray scale: 256 level
-Measure: distance, area, obstetrics and other;
-Power consumption: 10W (unfreeze) /4W (freeze)
-Battery working time: 3 hours
-Applicable in emergency, clinic, outdoor




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photobank (3)

Probe frequency and head radius/width:

Frequency conversion convex array probe
R60, 2.9~5.0MHz, 3.5MHz R=60mm
Variable frequency linear array probe
L40, 6.67~10.0 MHz 8.0MHz L=40mm
Frequency conversion small linear array probe
L24, 6.67~10.0MHz 8.0MHz L=24mm
Variable frequency micro-convex probe
R20, 3.5~6.67MHz 5.MHz0 R=20mm
Scanning mode:
Electronic array
Display mode:
B,Coler, PWD,B/B
Probe element:
Channel of RF circuit board:
Image gray scale:
256 level
Smart phone or tablet screen
Supporting system:
Android, Windows
Image Storage:
Using intelligent terminal
storage devices:
customers to use (mobile phones,Tablet PC)
distance, area, obstetrics and other
Power consumption:
10W (unfreeze) /4W (freeze)
Battery working time:
3 hours

Handheld USB & WiFi Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner

* Workable with Tablet or Smart Phone-Built-in and rechargeable battery
* Advanced digital imaging technology, clear image
* Wireless connectivity, easy to operate Small and light , easy to carry
* Applicable in emergency, clinic,outdoor and vet inspection
* Remote diagnosis convenience, capable for imagestransfer to doctors.
scan images
liver scan
vessal scan

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  • 1.1 Fully digital imaging technology

    1. Multi-wave beam synthesis;

    2. Real-time, point-by-point, dynamic focus imaging;

    3. pulse reverse phase harmonic composite imaging;

    4. space composite;

    5. image-enhanced noise reduction.

    1.2 Imaging mode

    1. B mode;

    2. M mode;

    3. Color (color spectral) mode;

    4. PDI (Energy Doppler) mode;

    5. PW (pulsed Doppler) mode.

    1.3 Image display mode

    B, double, 4-amplitude, B + M, M, B + Color, B + PDI, B + PW, PW, B + Color + PW, B + PDI + PW, B / BC dual real-time.

    1.4 Frequency of support

    B / M: base wave frequency 3; harmonic frequency2;

    Color / PDI 2;

    PW 2.

    1.5 Cineloop

    1. 2D mode, B maximum5000 frames, Color, PDI maximum2500 frames;

    2. Timeline mode (M, PW), maximum: 190s.

    1.6 image multiplication

    Real-time scan (B, B + C, 2B, 4B), status: infinite amplification.

    1.7 image storage

    1. Support for JPG, BMP, FRM image formats and CIN, AVI movie formats;

    2. Support for local storage;

    3. Support for DICOM, to meet the DICOM3.0 standard;

    4. built-in workstation: to support patient data retrieval and browsing;

    1.8 Language

    Chinese / English / Spanish / French / German / Czech, extended support for other languages according to user needs;

    1.9 Measurement and calculation software package

    Abdominal, gynecology, obstetrics, urinary department, cardiac, pediatrics, small organs, blood vessels, etc.;

    1.10 Measurement report

    Support report editing, report printing, and supports report template;

    1.11 Other functions

    Annotation, landmarks, puncture line, PICC, and gravel line;

    2. Image parameter

    2.1 B mode

    1. Gray scale mapping15;

    2. Noise suppression8;

    3. Frame correlation8;

    4. Edge enhancement≥ 8;

    5. Image enhancement≥ 5;

    6. Space composite: Switch-adjustable;

    7. Scan density: high, medium, and low;

    8. Image flip: up and down, left and right;

    9. Maximum scan depth320mm.

    2.2 M mode

    1. Scan speed (Sweep Sleep)5 ( adjustable);

    2. Line Average (Line Average)8.

    2.3 PW mode

    1. SV size / location: The SV size 1.08.0mm is adjustable;

    2. PRF: 16 gear, 0.7kHz-9.3KHz adjustable;

    3. Scan speed (Sweep Sleep): 5 gear is adjustable;

    4. Correction Angle (Correction Angle): -85°~85°, step length of 5°;

    5. Map flip: the switch is adjustable;

    6. Wall filter4 gearadjustable);

    7. Polytrum sound20 gear.

    2.4 Color/PDI mode

    1. PRF15 gear, 0.6KHz 11.7KHz;

    2. Color Atlas (color map)4 species;

    3. Color correlation8 gear;

    4. Post-processing4th gear.

    2.5 Parameter preservation and recovery

    Support image parameters for one-key saving;

    Support the one-key reset of the image parameters.




    1.Quality Assureance
    Strict quality control standards of ISO9001 to ensure the highest quality;
    Respond to quality issues within 24 hours, and enjoy 7 days to return.

    All products have a 1 year warranty from our store.

    3.Deliver time
    Most Goods will be shipped within 72 hours after payment.

    4.Three packagings to choose
    You have special 3 gift box packaging options for each product.

    5.Design Ability
    Artwork/Instruction manual/product design according to customer’s requirement.

    6.Customized LOGO and Packaging
    1. Silk-screen printing logo(Min. order.200 pcs);
    2. Laser engraved logo(Min. order.500 pcs);
    3. Color box Package/polybag Package(Min. order.200 pcs).








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