Why the blood pressure is different when electronic blood pressure monitor on continuous measurement?

Regular blood pressure measurement and detailed record, can intuitively understand the health situation. Electronic blood pressure monitor is very popular, many people prefer to buy this kind of blood pressure monitor for convenience at home to measure by themselves. Some people take blood pressure continuously, and find that the blood pressure value of multiple measurements is different. So, what is it the difference in results from multiple consecutive measurements using an electronic blood pressure monitor?

Yonker introduction: When part of the people do the measurement many times, they found that the results are not the same, so they doubt that if it is the the quality problem of the blood pressure monitor. As a matter of fact, there will be some fluctuations in the blood pressure measured by the blood pressure monitor, because the blood pressure is not constant and changes all the time, so it is normal to have small changes and there is no need to worry about them. The large fluctuation of blood pressure may be due to the following reasons.

1. Arm is not flush with heart

In the process of measuring blood pressure, attention should be paid to several problems to make the results more accurate. For example, your arm is in the right position, which hand you want to measure the blood pressure should be placed at heart level. If the arm is not in the right position, too high or too low, the measured value is likely to be wrong.

2, Measurement in unstable mood

If the measurements are not taken in a quiet state, even if the electronic blood pressure monitor is properly operated, the results will be inaccurate. Some people are panting after exercise, feeling overworked apparent cause to the heartbeat speed fastly and sympathetic nerve excited, at this time, measuring blood pressure is inaccurate. People who are tensely in the process of operation, will bring impact invisiblely . You need to measure it in a quiet, emotionally stable state.

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3. Only measure once as a result

Some people only measure blood pressure once, thinking that the result can be obtained once, but sometimes the interference of human factors will make the result deviate obviously from the normal value. The correct way is to measure and record the blood pressure multiple times, removing the values with large deviations, while the other values can be added up and averaged to get a more objective understanding of blood pressure. If only taking one test as a result, just meeting the impact of human factors, will delay the judgment of the condition.

4, Non-standard operation of blood pressure monitor

The measurements will have big difference when using the steps are not appropriate or the operation method is wrong. After purchasing blood pressure monitor, you need to read the manual detailed carefully to understand the correct operation steps. The results obtained need to under the premise of proper method and correct operation are valid.

Post time: Jun-24-2022