Yonker Bluetooth Upper Arm Digital Bp Machine Blood Pressure Monitor price

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Yonker YK-BPA2 upper arm digital blood pressure Monitor: high-definition LCD screen, strong visibility, ultra-high impact resistance, anti-fall; automatic blood pressure measurement, providing multiple language interfaces, portable and accuracy of measurement.

1) Measurement: Buck measurement;

2) The results showed that: high pressure / low pressure / pulse;

3) Unit Conversion: blood pressure units KPa / mmHg conversion (the default boot unit is mmHg);

4) Memory Group: Two sets of memory, each 99 measurements results of memory;

5) Low power testing: any working-state detecting low power, LCD displays symbol prompts low power;

6) Blood pressure classification indicator: blood pressure classification indicates blood pressure health;

7) Overpressure protection function: pressure over 295mmHg (20ms) is automatically and quickly exhaust;

8) Auto power off function: No action for 1 minute then automatic shutdown;

9) This product can be used both removable battery and can use the AC power supply.

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1. Depth measurement, make data more accurate;

2. Dual group measurement data storage;


blood pressure monitor



3. Optional two kinds of cuff: 22-32cm conventional cuff or 22-42cm super long cuff configuration, suitable for all kinds arm of people;

blood pressure machine

4. Depth measurement, make data more accurate : depth collection and analysis data, with Taiwan Sonix good performance chip, new upgraded BMP core algorithm, multi-pronged to lock the real blood pressure value;

digital blood pressure monitor

5. Exquisite design: separated design of the main board and the button board , with stronger anti-interference ability and more accurate of measurement results;

6. The device body are using flame retardant grade ABS materials, which are higher gloss, ultra-high impact resistance ,more delicate and stronger oxidation resistance;

7. Environmental protection and energy saving design: automatic shutdown without operation within two minutes.Optional rechargeable lithium battery;

8. Convenient operation: one-key blood pressure measurement, accessible for the elderly;

digital blood pressure machine price

9. Dual group measurement data storage: dual users switch, each user can record 99 groups of measurement data, analyze the trend of blood pressure change, summarize high-risk diet and behavior;

10. Bluetooth design: Link to The Yonker Health APP to control the health status.

bluetooth blood pressure monitor

Yonker blood pressure monitor is more suitable for people with high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood sugar, diabetes, irregular heartbeat, etc., Also suitable for people who are irregular life, heavy life pressure, obesity, staying up late, drinking, or people with family history of hypertension.

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