What is the ECG Machine Used For

As one of the most popular examination instruments in hospitals, the ECG machine is also the medical instrument that front-line medical staff have the most chance to touch. The the main contents of the ECG machine can help us judge in real clinical application as follows:


1. Arrhythmia (which is one of the most important functions of ECG and the main purpose of clinical application of ECG);


2. Ventricular and atrial hypertrophy ( ECG can only serve as a reminder, and it is recommended to conduct color ultrasound examination again ).


3, myocardial infarction (ECG can play an important role, diagnosis often requires further laboratory testing),


4, abnormal heart rate ( can be diagnosed immediately, but whether too fast heart rate or not auscultation can be done ),


5. Myocardial ischemia ( same as point 3, often combined with the patient's clinical symptoms ),


6, Electrolyte disorder ( ECG is only a reminder, direct blood biochemistry is more direct ),


7, heart failure and other diseases examination and bedside 24-hour monitoring of the patient's heart function.


In conclusion, ECG is not only one of the simplest, fastest and most economical examination methods, but also plays a significant role in routine examination, diagnosis and treatment, preoperative detection, intraoperative monitoring and postoperative review.

Post time: Jun-03-2022