Types of Medical Thermometers

There are six common medical thermometers, three of which are infrared thermometers, which are also the most commonly used methods of measuring body temperature in medicine.

1. Electronic thermometer (thermistor type): widely used, can measure the temperature of axilla, oral cavity and anus, with high accuracy, and is also used for the transmission of body temperature parameters of medical testing equipment.

2. Ear thermometer ( infrared thermometer ): It is easy to use and can measure the temperature quickly and quickly, but it requires a higher skill for the operator. Since the ear thermometer is plugged in the ear hole during measurement, the temperature field in the ear hole will change, and the displayed value will change if the measurement time is too long. When repeating multiple measurements, each reading may vary if the measurement interval is not suitable.

3. Forehead temperature gun ( infrared thermometer ): It measures the surface temperature of the forehead, which is divided into touch type and non-touch type; it is designed for measuring the human forehead temperature benchmark, which is very simple and convenient to use. Accurate temperature measurement in 1 second, no laser point, avoid potential damage to eyes, no need to touch human skin, avoid cross infection, one-click temperature measurement, and check for influenza. It is suitable for home users, hotels, libraries, large enterprises and institutions, and can also be used in comprehensive places such as hospitals, schools, customs, and airports.

4. Temporal artery thermometer ( infrared thermometer  ): It measures the temperature of the temporal artery on the side of the forehead. It is as simple as a forehead thermometer and needs to be carefully distinguished. The application is convenient, and the accuracy is higher than that of the forehead temperature gun. There are not many domestic companies that can produce such products. It is a combination of infrared temperature measurement techniques.

Medical Thermometers

5. Mercury thermometer: a very primitive thermometer, which is now used in many families and even hospitals. The accuracy is high, but with the improvement of science, everyone's awareness of health, understanding of the harm of mercury, and slowly adopting electronic thermometers instead of traditional mercury thermometers. First, the mercury thermometer glass is fragile and easily injured. Another is that mercury vapor causes poisoning, and the average family does not have an accurate way to dispose of mercury.

6. Smart thermometers (stickers, watches or bracelets): Most of these products on the market use patches or wearables, which are attached to the armpit and worn on the hand, and can be bound to a mobile app to monitor the body temperature curve in real time. This type of product is relatively new and is still waiting for market feedback.

Post time: Jul-12-2022