Is it dangerous to patient if RR showing high on patient monitor

RR showing on the patient monitor means respiratory rate. If RR value is high means rapid respiratory rate. The normal people respiration rate is 16 to 20 beats per min.

The patient monitor has the function of setting the upper and lower limits of RR. Usually the alarm range of RR should be set at 10~24 beats per min. If the exceed the limitation, the monitor will alarm automatically. RR too low or too high the associated mark will appear on monitor.

Too fast breathing rate usually related in respiratory diseases, fever, anemia, lung infection. If there is chest effusion or myocardial infarction that also lead to fast respiratory rate.

Breath frequency slows down, it is a sign of respiratory depression, usually see at anaesthesia, hypnotic intoxication, intracranial pressure heighten, hepatic coma.

In summary, it is difficult to determine whether RR too high is dangerous or not until the cause is confirmed. It is suggested that the user should adjust according to the historical data of the monitor or follow the doctor's advice for treatment.

Is it dangerous to patient if RR showing high on patient monitor
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Post time: Mar-25-2022