E12S Module Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

Short Description:

E12S Moduel Multi-parameter Patient Monitor

Application Range: Adult/Pediatric/Neonatal/Medicine/Surgery/Operating Room/ICU/CCU

Display: 12.1 inch TFT sreen

Parameter:Spo2, Pr, Nibp, ECG, Resp, Temp

Optional: Etco2, Nellcor Spo2, 2-IBP, Touch Screen, Recorder, Trolley, Wall Mount

Language: English, Spanish, Portugal, Poland, Russian, Turkish, French, Italian

Power requirements: AC: 100 ~ 240V, 50Hz/60Hz DC: Built-in rechargeable battery, 11.1V 24wh Li-ion battery

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Product Performance:

1. 8 parameters (ECG, RESP, SPO2,NIBP, PR,TEMP, IBP, ETCO2)+Fully independent module(Independent ECG + Nellcor);

2. Modular patient monitor, flexible to meet the different monitoring requirements;

3. Flexible operate ETCO2 and dual IBP functions;

4. 400 groups of NIBP list, 6000 seconds ECG waveform recall, 60 alarm evens records recall, 7-day trend chart in storage;

5. Patient info input management function;

6. 12.1 inch color LCD touch screen supports multi-lead 8-channel waveform display on the screen and support multi-language system,Full touch screen selectable, more convenient for operation;

7. Real time S-T segment analysis, pace-maker detection;

8. Support diagnosis, monitoring, surgery three monitoring modes, support wire or wireless central monitoring system;

9. Built-in high capacity lithium battery (4 hours) for emergency power outage or patient transfer;


Smart Solution



1) Wireless integration with the central monitoring

2) station Dynamic trends provide up to 240 hours of useful information for viewing

3) 8 tracks per monitor, 16 monitors on one screen

4) View up to 32 beds in real time on one platform

5) View and manage patient data anytime, anywhere in and before the hospital




1) Spo2 sensor & extend cable 1pcs

2) ECG cable  1pcs

3) Cuff &Tube 1pcs

4) Temp probe

5) Power Cbale Line 1pcs

6) Ground Line  1pcs

7) User Manual  1pcs



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  • ECG
    Input 3/5 wire ECG cable
    Lead section I II III aVR, aVL, aVF, V
    Gain selection *0.25, *0.5, *1, *2, Auto
    Sweep speed 6.25mm/s, 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s
    Heart rate range 15-30bpm
    Calibration ±1mv
    Accuracy ±1bpm or ±1% (select the bigger data)
    Test method Oscillometer
    Philosophy Adult, Pediatric and Neonate
    Measurement type Systolic Diastolic Mean
    Measurement parameter Automatic, Continuous measurement
    Measurement method Manual mmHg or ±2%
    Display Type Waveform, Data
    Measurement range 0-100%
    Accuracy ±2% (between 70%-100%)
    Pulse rate range 20-300bpm
    Accuracy ±1bpm or ±2% (select the bigger data)
    Resolution 1bpm
    Temp (Rectal & Surface)
    Number of channels

    2 channels

    Measurement range






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