Yonker Smart Factory Was Completed And Put Into Operation In Liandong U Valley

After 8 months building, Yonker smart factory was put into operation in Liandong U valley in Xuzhou Jiangsu.

It is understood that Yonker Liandong U valley smart factory with a total investment of 180 million yuan, covers area of 9000 square meters, building area of 28,995 square meters. The planning annual capacity are 6 million pcs of oximeters, 1.5 million pcs of blood pressure monitor, 150,000 pcs of oxygen concentrator. At the scene, Yonker brand - new oximeter products are also offline at the same time.

With the Liandong U valley smart factory into production, Yonker again to improve the industrial chain layout after the Science park factory, more importantly, Yonker has formed a new prototype of intelligent manufacturing, further integrate into the " intelligent manufacturing industry upgrade national strategy ". We will ensure that the development of enterprises and development of Chinese manufacturing resonate at the same frequency.

Settle in Xuzhou economic development Zone and transformation into intelligent manufacturing.

It is understood that liandong U Valley factory is mainly planning to produce blood pressure monitor, oximeter and other household medical products, and extend the field of consumer electronics. In intelligent manufacturing, the degree of automation in factories has reached the industry level.

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The factory has passed ISO9001 & ISO13485 quality management system certification. The SMT workshop has 6 sets of Japan Yamaha equipment that automation rate is 90%. The clean rate of dust-free assembly workshop are reach to 100,000 level. Two large continuous production lines to achieve lean production. 15 conventional work lines, to meet the needs of flexible production. At the same time, the factory realized production planning coordination, manufacturing process control, quality management, equipment management, supply chain coordination and information collection through the application of APS scheduling system and MES manufacturing execution system...

Yonkers’ products have been exported to more than 140 countries and regions around the world for the passed 17years, closely cooperation with several world-renowned companies such as Braun, Wal-mart, Philips that bring the products to millions of families around the world. Yonker currently has nearly 200 patents and authorized trademarks, among which overseas patents and trademarks account for more than 15%. According to statistics, fingertip pulse oximeter global shipments exceeded 100,000 units.

Relying on the good foundation of Yonker overseas market, active layout of the domestic market. And establishment of online and offline dual drive channel system, to provide better home medical products for domestic users.

So far, Yonker three production base include shenzhen&xuzhou, covers area of 40000 square meters, equipped with independent laboratory, testing center, intelligent professional SMT production line, dust-free workshop, precision mold processing and injection molding factory, has formed a complete, cost-effective production and quality control system with annual production of nearly 12 million units to meet the needs of global customers.

Post time: Apr-26-2022