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In May 2021, the global chip shortage also affected medical electronic instruments. The production of oximeter monitor requires a large number of chips. The outbreak of epidemic in India intensified the demand for oximeter.  As one of the main exporters of the oximeter in The Indian market, Yongkang Electronics released data showing that in May this year, the sales orders of its Subsidiary Jiangsu Pulmas Electronics in The Indian area of oximeter increased by 4-5 times compared to the same period, and at the same time, it was sold well in Europe and the United States, and even became the government procurement and free distribution of supplies in Singapore.  And in China is also included in the “35 major epidemic treatment base emergency treatment material reserve list”, as an important export enterprise of oximeter, yongkangD Electronics oximeter products currently accumulated sales exceed 40 million, and this sales is continuing to expand.  Chip giants Such as Samsung, NXP and Infineon have shut down their plants in California after days of snowstorms caused power supply failures.  Meanwhile, Japan’s Renesas Electronics Co., no. 3 in the global market for in-car chips, temporarily suspended production at one of its main plants after the Fukushima earthquake.  Taiwan, home to nearly two-thirds of the world’s semiconductor manufacturing capacity, is suffering the worst drought in half a century and the world faces the worst chip shortage in recent history

During the epidemic, we, Yongkang Electronics, seized this wave of business opportunities and actively stored materials. The purchasing department actively flew to all parts of the country to contact suppliers to ensure the continuous supply of the supply chain.

The factory dispatched workers to concentrate on increasing shifts and working hours to speed up production and provide stable supply.

The online cross-border e-commerce team worked actively, and the offline traditional foreign trade team played well to achieve the sales target of the second quarter, exceeding 60 million.

So ,In July 2021, 10 members from The International Trade Department of PeriodMed drove to Jiawang Dajingshan mountain in Xuzhou to organize the group building activity




Post time: Oct-27-2021

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