Yonker Group Learns Chinese History and Culture–Visit Xuzhou Museum

To strengthen the construction of corporate culture and enrich the cultural life quality of employees. On July 8 and 9, 2021, Xuzhou Yongkang Electronic Science Technology Co., Ltd. organized employees to visit Xuzhou Museum.This activity not only allows employees to better understand Xuzhou’s historical and traditional culture, and brings opportunities for restful daily work, but also allows employees to perceive traditional culture and introduce Xuzhou and Yonker to customers better.


Xuzhou Museum is a comprehensive museum which is responsible for the excavation, protection, exhibition, collection and research of the historical heritage in Xuzhou City, as well as the national first-class humanities and social sciences popularization base and the patriotism education base of Jiangsu province and Xuzhou City.Xuzhou Museum is rich in cultural relics and has a complete collection system which highlight the unique history and culture of Xuzhou. Some objects are not only on behalf of the art level in the region, but also represents the highest level in China


For the collections, mainly we have pottery, porcelain, jade, gold and silver, iron, copper, seals, calligraphy, other miscellaneous categories. For the ages, the abundant collections are from the Neolithic Age to the Ming and Qing Dynasties as well as the modern work of art. Especially distinguished cultural relics are from the neolithic age, the Han Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty. In addition, the cultural relics of Han Dynasty are the  most representative objects for forming of a complete display system.


Each weapon symbolizes the heroic souls. Maybe they do not have their names, maybe they have not been immortal; but this kind of "blood" is indeed inherited by their descendants, this kind of blood is not a "rageous and bloody brackish man" , But the spirit of facing difficulties and facing up to them. They have encountered difficulties, they have failed, but they have overcome the difficulties in the end, and won a peaceful and prosperous world for the people.


Just as Liu Bang Xiang Yu contends for the world, it does not matter how many times Liu Bang lost! Because he finally won. History has mixed praises and criticisms for Liu Bang, because Xiang Yu is too powerful, so powerful that everyone admires him. He can fight against each other, he can carry the power. But after all, he lost, lost to Liu Bang and even lost to himself, because he couldn't afford to lose. And Liu Bang’s indomitable spirit is what we have to learn. Persevering in failure is the greatest success.


The excavation of ancient tombs has revived a lost history, and the museum has given us a new understanding and understanding of this history.


Through this visit, we intuitively and truly felt the ancient working people's wisdom and innovation spirit.As the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, our ancestors created stunning scenes with their wisdom and hands.


Today, we have countless advanced technologies and tools, and a better life is within our grasp.Everyone has expressed that they will base themselves on their posts, make more efforts to carry forward the culture of the Han Dynasty, enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, and strive to do their own work well so as to make unremitting efforts and contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of Yongkang Group.


Post time: Jul-09-2021

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