Yonker Group 6S management project launch conference held successfully

In order to explore a new management model, strengthen the company's on-site management level, and enhance the production efficiency and brand image of the company, on July 24, the launch meeting of the Yonker Group 6S ( SEIRI, SEITION, SEISO, SEIKETSU,SHITSHUKE,SAFETY) management project was grandly held in Liandong U Valley Multimedia Conference Room. Our company specially invited Mr. Jiang Binghong, a senior consultant of Taiwan Jianfeng Enterprise Management Group, to come to our company to carry out "6S" lean management basic knowledge training. More than 200 people including leaders of Yonker Group,manufacturing centers and other departments attended the conference.


At the meeting, Mr. Zhao Xuecheng, general manager of the group company, first made an important speech. He talked about-enterprise management is like sailing against the current, if you don't advance, you will retreat. In order to allow the new factory to step up to a new level on the basis of the original management, the company has started the comprehensive promotion of 6S work.


Through the guidance of professional consultants and the careful cooperation of all the staff of the company, let every person in Yonker from small things to regulate themselves so as to work together to achieve-- Yonker environment clean, product quality is stable, workshop waste is reduced, work efficiency is improved, employee treatment is improved, and the production process as smooth as the tap water pipeline. Improve the employee's belonging, sense of accomplishment and the overall good image of the company.


Subsequently, the 6S promotion committee director Mr. Zhao, announced the promotion committee member list, and introduced in detail the organizational structure of the company's 6S management promotion committee.


6S Implementation Committee manager Huangfeng solemnly declared on behalf of the implementation committee on the launch of the conference: in order to quickly deepen the 6S management work, in specific work, the implementation committee will make every effort to comply with the requirements of consultants and company leaders, without discounts and no compromises. In terms of conditions, it focuses on identifying the person responsible for the 6S promotion, building the 6S implementation organization structure and the management division of personnel. Through various forms, it creates an atmosphere of full participation, independent management, continuous improvement, and perseverance, and incorporates 6S management into daily management Among them, to realize the optimal allocation and rational use of resources, and continuously improve the enterprise's on-site management level.


From the perspective of front-line employees, the employee representatives of the manufacturing center integrated the personal experience into it, and made a determined speech on stage.


Mr. Jiang Binghong, a senior consultant of Jianfeng Enterprise Management Group, also provided professional analysis and guidance for this 6S launch conference.To better promote the on-site 6S management work, Mr. Jiang Binghong carried out 6S management implementation skills training on the spot. Hope that the training will help us The management backbone can quickly master the 6S management skills and better manage the on-site 6S work.


In order to ensure the smooth progress and practical implementation of this activity, at the launching ceremony, the award ceremony of "6S Slogan Collection" was also carried out, the employee representatives sang the 6S song, the ceremony of all employees commitment, and issued the 6S brochures.


This meeting marked the comprehensive advancement of "6S" management in Yonker Group. All departments will use "6S" management to improve the production environment, improve product quality, safety level, and work efficiency.

We believe that with the in-depth advancement and implementation of the project, we will continue to improve our on-site management level, and finally realize "Let lean thinking run through every corner of Yonker Group"

Post time: Jul-24-2021

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