To save lives, we go “retrograde”

According to the National Health Commission information, by 24:00 on January 30, total of 9,692 cases of confirmed infection, 1,527 cases of severe cases, 213 cases of deaths, and 171 cases of cure and discharge. 15238 cases of suspected infection.

Thousands of medical staff gave up the Spring Festival holiday in front of the disease, regardless of their safety, and walk on the retrograde load bear heavy responsibilities on their shoulders.


We Yonker is a professional manufacturer sales and produce of medical devices. To face with the  epidemic situation, medical devices are in urgent need. We Yonker is a professional manufacturer which ales and produce of medical devices and some of our products (infrared thermometers, fingertip pulse oximeters, multi-parameter monitors) are necessary to protect the epidemic situation. In order to response to the needs of national and regional epidemic prevention and control, we need to assume more social responsibilities.


Therefore, according to Jiangsu Provincial Government Office notice: The enterprise can not return to work before 24:00 pm. Feb 9! The leaders of Yonker held an emergency conference call to issue early resumption of work. In the face of the epidemic, we need an additional obligation as medical device manufacture. Think of those medical staff who are fighting on the front line. They need us to provide more medical devices to assist their work. They need our support to overcome the epidemic.


On January 30, leaders such as Director Wang of the Xuzhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Secretary Chen of the Economic and Technological Development District, Director Zhou of Development and Reform Bureau of Economic and Technological Development District, and other leaders of the East Central Office came to Yonker to investigate the company’s thermometer product capacity, inventory situation and line resumption at 9:00 am. At the moment, All the leaders hope that Yonker can overcome the difficulties, not only for Xuzhou city, but also for other citys, to product and supply more infrared thermometer for epidemic prevention and control. And to contribute to the control of the epidemic!

Producing one more medical device may save a few more people. This is Yonker’s social responsibility. Up to today, Yonker front-line production staff and other departments colleague gathered quickly and actively into the first-line production of thermometers.


We are advancing with the power of medical science technology

Yonker will help to protect thousands of medical staff who are walking on the retrograde load bearing heavy responsibilities on their shoulders, and Yonker will continue to walk with the most beautiful retrogrades, and provide stronger scientific and technological guarantees to fight the epidemic. Yonker salute to all retrogrades and companions, and wish you a safe return.

Post time: Jul-22-2021

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