Shanghai Tongji University delegation come to visit Yonker

On December 16, 2020, professors from Shanghai Tongji University led an expert delegation to visit our company. Mr. Zhao Xuecheng,General manager of Yonker Medical, and Mr. Qiu Zhaohao, manager of R&D department were warmly welcomed and led all the leaders to visit Yonker Medical Marketing Center.


The purpose of this visit is to understand the development history and current situation of our company, strengthen the contact with our company, and prepare for further technical exchanges and cooperation in the future.


First of all, the expert delegation carefully watched and listened to our company's brief introduction PPT and explanation in the conference room. During the period, experts from Tongji University asked a lot of questions, such as the company’s business strategy, the type of technology used, the investment plan in higher and newer innovative technologies, how to improve production efficiency, and the risks and opportunities faced by the business, etc. Mr. Zhao CEO of Yonker Medical gave detailed and reasonable answers to the above questions, and introduced in detail the future development direction of the company and the company's ideas in product development and project selection.


Then, under the leadership of Mr. Zhao CEO of Yonker Medical, the expert delegation visited the production center. After learning about our company’s production capacity and experimental capabilities, the leaders of Tongji University affirmed our company’s R&D, experimental and production capabilities, and also placed expectations on them, hoping that Yonker Medical will make presistent efforts to strengthen independent innovation and R&D technology so that it will continue to overcome new challenges of medical and health problems in the future!


Finally, Mr. Zhao CEO of Yonker Medical said that the company will conduct in-depth research on related innovative R&D projects with visiting experts to seek more opportunities for cooperation.


Next, our company will continue to strengthen the connection and cooperation with excellent colleges and universities, create more opportunities for learning, use the advanced innovative ideas and advanced technology of colleges and universities, and make more adequate preparations for the company's future development.


Post time: Dec-06-2020

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