Multiparameter Monitor’s Function

The patient monitor generally refers to a multiparameter monitor, which measures the parameters include but not limited to: ECG, RESP, NIBP,  SpO2, PR, TEPM, etc. It is a monitoring device or system to measure and control the patient's physiological parameters.

The multiparameter monitor can understand the change of patient's HR, NIBP, SpO2, PR, TEPM by monitoring vital signs, providing a basis for disease diagnosis and treatment of patients, and timely adjust the dose of drugs according to the specific monitoring data.

YK8000C multiparameter patient monitor for hospital

The multiparameter monitor also has the alarm, data storage and transmission function, which can make medical staff timely understand the changes of patients' vital signs and provide data support for the analysis of patients' entire diagnosis and treatment process. It pays an important role in diagnosis and treatment activities

Application scenarios of the multiparameter monitor: during and after surgery, trauma care, CCU, ICU, neonates, premature babies, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, delivery rooms, etc.

Post time: Mar-29-2022