How to Use The Handheld Mesh Nebulizer Machine?

Nowadays, the handheld mesh nebulizer machine is more and more popular. Many parents are more comfortable with mesh nebulizer than with injections or oral medication. However, every time take baby go to the hospital to do atomization treatment several times one day, which is easy to cause cross infection. How can you make a comfortable and effective atomization treatment for your baby? In fact, if parents know how to use the atomizer, they can configure a household atomizer for their baby. How can you make a comfortable and effective atomization treatment for your baby? In fact, if parents know how to use the mesh nebulizer, they can prepare a household nebulizer for their baby.

In general, nebulizer machines work faster, use less, have a higher local concentration of drugs, and have fewer systemic adverse reactions. By atomizing the drug directly into the respiratory tract, the drug can avoid entering the body's blood circulation, does not burden the baby's other organs, and can reduce the risk of side effects to some extent.

Atomization is a more concentrated and precise delivery method, which requires a smaller dose.Moreover, if drugs are taken, it takes a certain amount of time for them to be transported through the blood circulation to the respiratory tract where they need to play a role. Relatively speaking, direct inhalation of aerosol into the respiratory tract will have a faster effect. In addition, oral administration generally takes about 30 minutes to take effect, while atomization only takes about 5 minutes.

compressor nebulizer system
compressor nebulizer system

Time selection is very important. Atomization should be avoided immediately after eating. Food residue in the mouth is easy to hinder the penetration of fog, so that the drug effect can not be fully played. Therefore, if you want to take atomization therapy, try to choose half an hour after eating

Also pay attention to the cleanliness of the atomizer. After using the handheld mesh nebulizer machine, the final step is cleaning. After atomization, we should gargle the baby with normal saline or warm water. If the baby is less than two years old, parents can feed some plain boiled water or dip the cotton swab in normal saline to clean the mouth. Then wash the handheld mesh nebulizer machine with warm water below 40℃ and air dry it in the shade.

Post time: Jun-28-2022