How to Choose a Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

With rapid development, electronic blood pressure monitor has successfully replaced the mercury column blood pressure monitor, which is an indispensable medical equipment in modern medicine. Its biggest advantage is easy to operate and convenient to carry.  


1. Measurement principle of electronic blood pressure monitor: the electronic blood pressure monitor automatically realizes indirect measurement of arterial blood pressure by measuring the relationship between the oscillating wave brought by the fluctuation of arterial blood flow and the pressure of the cuff during the process of inflating and deflating the cuff, taking auscultation as a reference.  


2. The choices of electronic blood pressure monitor: At present, electronic blood pressure monitors sold on the market are basically qualified and can measure blood pressure more accurately.  However, it is important to note that different types of electronic blood pressure monitors vary in blood pressure measurement range and applicability to patients with the disease.  

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3. Types of electronic blood pressure monitors: According to different measurement sites, electronic blood pressure monitors are divided into arm blood pressure monitors and wrist blood pressure monitors.  Choosing electronic blood pressure monitor considers the characteristics of the population. Arm type blood pressure monitor has high accuracy and wide application range.  Compared with the arm blood pressure monitor, the wrist blood pressure monitor is more convenient to measure, and is suitable for patients who have frequent business trips or need to take blood pressure multiple times.  However, what the wrist electronic blood pressure monitor measures is the pulse blood pressure value of the wrist artery, not suitable for patients with blood circulation disorders (diabetes, high-blood fats, hypertension, middle-aged and old people). In particular, elderly people are also more suitable for using arm blood pressure monitors.

Post time: May-20-2022