Hold The Strength and Sail Again–2021 Yonker Medical Group’s Cadre Training Ended Successfully

Accumulates ability to grow, impound to forge ahead just at that time.From June 3rd to 6th, 4 days of busy and substantial group cadre training ended successfully.


Awarding Ceremony of 2021 Group Cadre Training Class


Class Committee Service Excellence Award


Most Expressive Award


Best Team Award

In order to complete the strategic development goals of Yongkang Group, continuously improve the business skills and management level of management cadres, adapt to the needs of the rapid development of the group, for the organization of training excellent management cadres and reserve cadres with combat effectiveness, the company set up the "Group Cadre Training Class" . A total of 7 learning sessions are planned and 1 session has been completed so far.

In the first phase, Li Zhengfang, the chief lecturer of Jianfeng Enterprise Management Group, was invited to talk about a course with the theme of "Yongkang Digital (Quantitative) Objectives Management". From June 3rd to 6th, a total of 35 company middle and senior managers participated in this training.

Great teacher gather to teach

This training class for group cadres gave detailed explanations on the principles of corporate management and project organization structure design, OGSM model description of strategic planning, innovative SWOT analysis, and the structure of business models.


On the one hand, combined with outstanding problems, difficult problems, key problems, hot issues etc. In the development of the enterprise, conduct multiple in-depth discussions, brainstorming, and improve management methods. On the other hand, a relatively interactive teaching model has been formed, that is, some personnel are both students and teachers, who sit under the audience to listen to others and speak to everyone on stage, so as to achieve good classroom interaction and common improvement.

Interactive communication promotes improvement

The lecturer's teaching is clear, rich in content, focused, close to reality, with strong pertinence, guidance and practicality. It not only solves the students' ideological confusion, cognitive deviation and difficult problems in work, but also It is of great significance and far-reaching effect for the new situation to establish a foothold in the post and concentrate on doing a good job.


Team PK show skill

The training content of this class is rich, focusing on theory and professionalism, as well as cutting-edge and practicality.

The trainees completed the first phase of the study course in a 4-day high-intensity state. The theoretical thinking, will quality, vision thinking, management ability and other aspects have been fully exercised and improved

Everyone said that they would devote themselves to their work with more full work enthusiasm, rigorous and meticulous work style, and contribute their strength to build a high-quality development of the "Yonker" brand.

In addition to communication and interaction, there are also rich expansions.


So far, the first phase of the 2021 group cadre training is over, but learning is always on the way. Once again, Hope that leading cadres will be full of passion to be strugglers, be creative and pioneers, dare to be contributors.Come on!

Post time: Jun-05-2021

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