Does UV Phototherapy Have Radiation?

UV phototherapy is 311 ~ 313nm ultraviolet light treatment.Also known as narrow spectrum ultraviolet radiation therapy ( NB UVB therapy ).The narrow segment of UVB: the wavelength of 311 ~ 313nm can reach the epidermal layer of the skin or the junction of the true epidermis, and the penetration depth is shallow, but it just acts on the target cells such as melanocytes, and has a therapeutic effect.

Clinical trials have shown that the 311-312 nm wavelength range emitted by 311 narrow spectrum UVB is considered the safest and most effective light. It has the advantages of good efficacy and small side effects for psoriasis, vitiligo and other chronic skin diseases.

Narrow Band UVB Light Therapy For Psoriasis Vitiligo At Home

However, it is best to follow the doctor's advice or instructions when using ultraviolet phototherapy instrument, because excessive use of ultraviolet phototherapy instrument will appear mild burns, manifested as red skin, burning, peeling and other mild burn symptoms.

Secondly, ultraviolet rays will also damage the retina through the cornea, resulting in retinal cell damage, so people or animals exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time had better wear protective clothing and other equipment, wear protective sunglasses.

Post time: May-31-2022