Condensing Heart To Gather Strength, Create The Glory Of E – Commerce

Life is more than the hustle and bustle
There are poems and distance fields
More colorful company team building


So in order to strengthen team building, enhance collective consciousness, deepen the emotion and trust between employees, and stimulate the team’s higher work enthusiasm and drive for innovation. On September 5th, Yonker specially organized two teams(e-commerce department and comprehensive office) of the marketing center to carry out an outdoor real-person CS development training and other team building activities at the Hanwang Fengjing Outdoor Development Base in Xuzhou. Gernal manager Mr. Zhao, Manager Zhu and department leagers went to the base to participate in training together with all staff.

Real-person CS, ATV mountain karts etc. are all integrated sports and games, which are helpful to enhance team spirit, stimulate individual fighting capacity, cultivate dedication and sacrifice spirit has a lot of help


In the course of the battle, everyone gave full play to their respective advantages, constantly challenged and broke through themselves, and conducted a contest of wisdom, strength and bravery. Various tactics such as flanking, outflanking, and charging were reflected.
Rain of bullets, we remember courage;
Vigorous, we understand the passion;
Never give up, we see firmness;
Motivated each other, we felt friendship;
There is a kind of win, which we define as,
Team glory.


A fiery team battle ended,
Next is the favorite part of girls,
Yes, just eat! !
Although a little tired,
It can’t resist the friends of a foodie heart,
Look! The way the barbecue is,
It’s not inferior to professional ones

Don’t be idle after you’re full of wine and food,
Take a leisurely walk,
Favorite of the post-90s generation
Board game werewolf killing,
Billiards and archery
And the mahjong table!


This activity made everyone fully realize of the importance of communication and cooperation. An excellent team is not only a strong individual, but also requires communication, trust, and cooperation between individuals. Just like in this expansion activity, full trust, good communication, and skilled cooperation will always be the magic weapon for the team to win. There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team, give full play to the advantages of the team and assume the responsibilities of the team, can the team go further and the company can develop better.

In the future, we will continue to summarize our progress, surpass ourselves, forge ahead and create brilliance together!

Post time: Jul-22-2021

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