2021 Yonker Group Cadre Training-OKR&KPI

In order to further strengthen the political and ideological construction of Yonker Group cadres, and improve management capabilities. At the same time, in order to ensure the smooth development of the second training course for group cadres, in the setting of the training content, combined with new forms and new requirements,depth analysis OKR objectives and key results management, KPI key performance indicator management based of Yonker’s actual operating conditions

In terms of the training forms, special lectures, case studies, group discussions and other ways of teaching are adopted. In terms of the training teachers, the training invited Li Zhengfang from Jianfeng Enterprise Management Group to provide us with high-level and high-quality teaching support. Ensure the level and quality of training courses.

The course design of the training focuses on the output of on-site results of the trainees, through the group of trainees to discuss and exchange together, and then the training lecturer will make on-site comments, thus forming a learning cycle of "training-thinking exchange-coaching-sharing". It is more conducive to the students' absorption and mastery of knowledge points.

Post time: Jul-15-2021

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