New Yonker Cheap Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine YK-UL8

Short Description:

YK-UL8 is a color doppler ultrasound machine which are stable, reliable, portable and easy to operation. It has the characteristics of low price and high image quality.



Micro-convex probe: abdomen, obstetrics, cardiac

Linear probe: small organs, vascular, pediatrics, thyroid, breast, carotid artery

Convex probe: abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, urology, kidney

Transvaginal probe: gynecology, obstetrics

Rectal Probe: andrology


YK-UL8 is used for the examination of abdomen, heart, gynecology, obstetrics, urology, small organs, pediatrics, blood vessels and other aspects, also widely used in small hospitals, clinics, community health centers and other places.

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UL8主图7 7月新



  Design highlights:

1. 15 inch medical LCD, 32 channels;

2. Built-in 500 GB hard disk for  data storage;  

3. Graphics and text management system to enter and classification search medical records;

4. Notebook type with double probe interface, can be used with two probes at the same time;

5. Built-in 18650 lithium battery pack, meet the needs of daily power off use;

6. Special measurement data package for different organs;

7. Images and pathology reports can be exported.

System Imaging Function:

1)Color Doppler Enhancement Technology;
2)Two-dimensional grayscale imaging;
3)Power Doppler imaging;
4)PHI pulse inverse phase tissue harmonic imaging + frequency composite technique;
5)With the working mode of spatial composite imaging;
6)Linear array probe independent deflection imaging technique;
7)Linear trapezoidal spread imaging;
8)B/Color/PW trisynchronous technology;
9)Multibeam parallel processing;
10)Speckle noise suppression technology;
11)Convex expansion imaging;
12)B-mode image enhancement technique;

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Measurement and analysis:

1)General measurement: Including distance, area, circumference, volume, area ratio, distance ratio, Angle, S/D velocity, time, heart rate, acceleration, etc;
2)Obstetrics: Obstetrics supports the measurement of fetal data ≥3 fetals, including fetal weight algorithm, growth curve display, fetal echocardiography measurement (including left ventricular function measurement, left ventricular myocardial weight, etc.);
3)Fetal measurement OB1, OB2, OB3);
4)Blood flow measurement, sampling volume at least 8 levels adjustable;
5)Automatic measurement of endovascular media;
6)All measurement data Windows are removable;
7)Customized comments: Include insert, edit, save, etc.

Input / output signal: 

Input: Mquipped with digital signal interface;
Output: VGA, s-video,USB, audio interface, network interface;
Connectivity: Medical digital imaging and communications DICOM3.0 interface components;
Support network real-time transmission: can real-time transmission of user data to the server;
Image management and recording device: 500G hard disk Ultrasonic image archiving and medical record management function: complete;
The storage management and playback storage of patient static image and dynamic image in the host computer.

Rich data interface for data analysis:
1)VGA interface;
2)Printing interface;
3)Network interface;
4)SVIDEO interface;
5)Foot switch interface.

UL8主图4 7月新
UL8主图7 7月新



General system function:

1. Technology platformlinux +ARM+FPGA;

2. Color monitor: 15 " high resolution color LCD monitor;

3. Probe interface: zero force metal body connector, effectively activated two mutual common interfaces;

4. Dual power supply system, built-in large capacity lithium battery, battery power 2 hours duration, and the screen provides power display information;

5. Support quick switch function, cold start 39 seconds;

6. Main interface miniature;

7. Built-in patient data management station;8. Customized comments: include insert, edit, save, etc.

Probe Specifications:

1. 2.0-10MHz V¬ariable frequency, frequency range 2.0-10MHz;
2. 5 kinds of frequencies of each probe, variable fundamental and harmonic frequency;
3. Abdomen: 2.5-6.0MHz;
4. Superficial:5.0-10MHz;
5. Puncture Guidance: probe puncture guide is optional, puncture line and Angle are adjustable;
6. Transvaginal: 5.0-9MHZ.

Optional Probes:
1. Abdominal probe: abdominal examination ( liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney, bladder, obstetric and adnexa uteri, etc.);
2. High frequency probe: thyroid, mammary gland, cervical artery, superficial blood vessels, nerve tissue, superficial muscle tissue, bone joint, etc.;
3.Micro-convex probe: infant abdominal examination (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney, bladder, etc.);
4. Gynaecology probe (Transvaginal probe): uterine and uterine adnexa examination;
5. Visual artificial abortion probe: monitor surgical process in real time;
6. Rectal Probe: anorectal examination.

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Main technical parameters and functions

1.1 Technology platform:

linux + ARM + FPGA

1.2 Elements

Probe array elements:≥ 96

1.3 Probe available

3C6A: 3.5MHz / R60 / 96 array element convex probe;

7L4A: 7.5MHz / L38mm / 96 array array probe;

6C15A: 6.5MHz / R15 / 96 array element microconvex probe;

6E1A: 6.5MHz / R10 /96 array element Transvaginal probe;

Probe Frequency: 2.5-10MHz

Probe socket: 2

1.4 Monitor

High-resolution 15-inch LCD display

1.5 Battery

Built-in 6000 mah lithium battery, working state, continuous working time for more than 1 hour, the screen provides power display information;

1.6 Built-in hard disk

Supports hard drives (128GB);

1.7 Peripheral interface support

Peripheral interface includes: network port, USB port (2), VGA / VIDEO / S-VIDEO, foot switch interface, support:

1.External display;

2.Video acquisition card;

3.Video printer: including black and white video printer, color video printer;

4.USB report printer: including black and white laser printer, color laser printer, color inkjet printer;

5.U disk, USB interface optical disc recorder, USB mouse;

6.foot pedal;

1.8 Machine size and weight

Host size: 370mm (length) 350mm (width) 60mm (thick)

Package size: 440mm (length) 440mm (width) 220mm (height)

Host weight: 6 kg, without probe and adapter;

Packaging weight: 10kg, (including main engine, adapter, two probes, packaging).

Measurement and calculation

1.B / C mode routine measurement: distance, area, perimeter, volume, angle, area ratio, distance ratio;

2.Routine measurement of M mode: time, slope, heart rate, and distance;

3.Routine measurement of Doppler mode: heart rate, flow rate, flow rate ratio, resistance index, beat index, manual / automatic envelope, acceleration, time, heart rate;

4.Obstetrics B, PW mode application measurement: including a comprehensive obstetric radial line measurement, body weight, singleton gestational age and growth curve, amniotic fluid index, fetal physiological score measurement, etc;

5.Gynecologic B mode for applied measurement;

6.Cardiac B, M, and PW mode were applied for measurement;

7.Vascular B, PW mode application measurement, support: IMT automatic intima measurement;

8.Small organ B mode was applied measurement;

9.Urology B mode applied measurement;

10.Paediatric B mode application measurement;

11.Abdominal B mode application measurement.


Standard and optional accessories

standard accessories:

1.One main unit ( built-in 128G hard disk);

2.One 3C6A convex array probe;

3.Operators manual;

4.One power cable;

Optional accessories:

1. 6E1A Transvaginal probe;

2. 7L4A linear probe;

3. 6C15A microconvex probe;

4. The USB report printer;

5. Black and white video printer;

6. Color video printer;

7. The puncture frame;

8. Trolley;

9. Foot pedal;

10.U disk and USB extension line.

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相控阵探头-彩色多普勒模式-心脏 Phased Array Probe-Color Mode-Cardiac
相控阵探头-彩色多普勒模式-心脏 Phased Array Probe-Color Mode-Cardiac2

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  • 1.1 Fully digital imaging technology

    1. Multi-wave beam synthesis;

    2. Real-time, point-by-point, dynamic focus imaging;

    3. pulse reverse phase harmonic composite imaging;

    4. space composite;

    5. image-enhanced noise reduction.

    1.2 Imaging mode

    1. B mode;

    2. M mode;

    3. Color (color spectral) mode;

    4. PDI (Energy Doppler) mode;

    5. PW (pulsed Doppler) mode.

    1.3 Image display mode

    B, double, 4-amplitude, B + M, M, B + Color, B + PDI, B + PW, PW, B + Color + PW, B + PDI + PW, B / BC dual real-time.

    1.4 Frequency of support

    B / M: base wave frequency 3; harmonic frequency2;

    Color / PDI 2;

    PW 2.

    1.5 Cineloop

    1. 2D mode, B maximum5000 frames, Color, PDI maximum2500 frames;

    2. Timeline mode (M, PW), maximum: 190s.

    1.6 image multiplication

    Real-time scan (B, B + C, 2B, 4B), status: infinite amplification.

    1.7 image storage

    1. Support for JPG, BMP, FRM image formats and CIN, AVI movie formats;

    2. Support for local storage;

    3. Support for DICOM, to meet the DICOM3.0 standard;

    4. built-in workstation: to support patient data retrieval and browsing;

    1.8 Language

    Chinese / English / Spanish / French / German / Czech, extended support for other languages according to user needs;

    1.9 Measurement and calculation software package

    Abdominal, gynecology, obstetrics, urinary department, cardiac, pediatrics, small organs, blood vessels, etc.;

    1.10 Measurement report

    Support report editing, report printing, and supports report template;

    1.11 Other functions

    Annotation, landmarks, puncture line, PICC, and gravel line;

    2. Image parameter

    2.1 B mode

    1. Gray scale mapping15;

    2. Noise suppression8;

    3. Frame correlation8;

    4. Edge enhancement≥ 8;

    5. Image enhancement≥ 5;

    6. Space composite: Switch-adjustable;

    7. Scan density: high, medium, and low;

    8. Image flip: up and down, left and right;

    9. Maximum scan depth320mm.

    2.2 M mode

    1. Scan speed (Sweep Sleep)5 ( adjustable);

    2. Line Average (Line Average)8.

    2.3 PW mode

    1. SV size / location: The SV size 1.08.0mm is adjustable;

    2. PRF: 16 gear, 0.7kHz-9.3KHz adjustable;

    3. Scan speed (Sweep Sleep): 5 gear is adjustable;

    4. Correction Angle (Correction Angle): -85°~85°, step length of 5°;

    5. Map flip: the switch is adjustable;

    6. Wall filter4 gearadjustable);

    7. Polytrum sound20 gear.

    2.4 Color/PDI mode

    1. PRF15 gear, 0.6KHz 11.7KHz;

    2. Color Atlas (color map)4 species;

    3. Color correlation8 gear;

    4. Post-processing4th gear.

    2.5 Parameter preservation and recovery

    Support image parameters for one-key saving;

    Support the one-key reset of the image parameters.

    1.Quality Assureance
    Strict quality control standards of ISO9001 to ensure the highest quality;
    Respond to quality issues within 24 hours, and enjoy 7 days to return.

    All products have a 1 year warranty from our store.

    3.Deliver time
    Most Goods will be shipped within 72 hours after payment.

    4.Three packagings to choose
    You have special 3 gift box packaging options for each product.

    5.Design Ability
    Artwork/Instruction manual/product design according to customer’s requirement.

    6.Customized LOGO and Packaging
    1. Silk-screen printing logo(Min. order.200 pcs);
    2. Laser engraved logo(Min. order.500 pcs);
    3. Color box Package/polybag Package(Min. order.200 pcs).


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